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For every $BOOM transferred between users, 2% will be burnt automatically. This creates scarcity.

Have you ever been caught up in a situation when you want to trade your token for FIAT instantly? Or You want to avoid been DUMPED on while you asleep? Or you wish to convert your digital assets to FIAT instantly?

If so, $BOOM is just for you, BOOM will be partnering with top exchanges that would support pairing $BOOM with FIAT and other stable coin not leaving behind crypto-currency like BTC, ETH etc, with this; your assets will be protected from Price Instability.

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Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Hodlers can send token between each other without any intermiadiary. Peer-to-Peer transaction is the only key

Borderless Payments

Send your digital wealth to anyone through our secured contract

Fully Protection

Secured payment across all platform

Smart Money

A digital currency that has it all, wealth distribution without borders

Secure Wallet

Store your $BOOM in any ERC-20 wallet securely

Easy To send and receive

Send and receive your $BOOM token to your wallet easily

Token Distribution

BOOM will be distributed as stated. Below is the token distribution plan that will be duly followed.

300,000 BOOM30% 1st Phase Airdrop
200,000 BOOM20% 2nd Phase Airdrop
200,000 BOOM20% Marketing / Promotions
100,000 BOOM10% Bounty and Rewards
100,000 BOOM10% Investor
99,999 BOOM10% Team
1st Phase Airdrop has ended
$BOOM will be distrubuted 2-4 weeks

Development Activity

For the past few days in existence, we have jumped pass a lot of hundles, we hope to do much more better with your positive contributions towards this project. Below are some of our past achievements.

  • 2 Seconds Ago

    Last Update

  • 16,000+

    Community Members

  • 20,000+

    Expected Hodlers

  • 7

    Team Members

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Growing Global Network

With our ever growing communities ranging from Telegram, Twitter, Facebook users. We are not relenting on becoming one of the fastest growing community. We plan to have more followers every seconds for us to achieve our goal.

  • 16,000+

    Community Members

  • 20,000+

    Expected Hodlers

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Our Main Road Map

You can track our progress by viewing our RoadMap

  • January 2019

    Setting up/ Planning on BOOM Token platform

  • February 2019

    Reserch on self-Destructive token

  • March 2019

    Website development

  • April 2019

    DATA RESEARCH AND COLLECTION Research on deflationary tokens

  • May 2019

    Community trend Blockchain

  • June 2019

    Contract Development

  • July 2019

    Airdrop and Bounty Contest / Promotion / Investors Week / Exchange Listing

  • August 2019
    Not Yet Started

    Exchange trading competition on all Exchanges BOOM is listed

  • September 2019
    Not Yet Started

    Partnership / Marketing

  • October 2019
    Not Yet Started

    Airdrop to BoOOM Token holders (ratio would be announced) / Listing on more top exchanges

  • November 2019
    Not Yet Started

    WhitePaper Realeased

  • December 2019
    Not Yet Started

    Platform Launch

Our Senior Team Leads

Here are some of our core team members.

Frequently asked questions

To battle several questions, we have lined out some useful information below

Have you ever been caught up in a situation when you want to trade your token for FIAT instantly? Or You want to avoid been DUMPED on while you asleep? Or you wish to convert your digital assets to FIAT instantly? BOOM is the only solution.
We found out 99% of ICO's are scams (if not all), they make us believe that they have a true Prototype then make a lot of promotion by paying top influencers, social media platfrom, high traffic website and so on. Investors will be highly welcomed to this project as we plan to expand BOOM Token to International market.
BOOM is started by a small team of volunteers. There is no visible team members because this is a community based project and any decision that will determine this project future will be voted by its contributors. Never the less, Team members are liable to reveal themselves based if there is need be.
BOOM can be stored in any ERC-20 wallet like imToken, Trust Wallet, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet etc

Token Name : BOOM

Token Symbol : BOOM

Decimal : 8

We only have 3 official channel which are Telegram, Twitter and Medium which links can be found below this page. Any other official links will be announced on various platforms. Kindly disregard any links apart from those stated on this website.
For any critical issues, partnership, enquiries etc kindly send a mail to You will be attended to within 24hours.

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